Franchise Opportunities

Lunch House, a healthy eating hub that provides opportunities for schools to promote improved health and well-being in their communities.   Every school needs this brand.  

Teamed with technology, Lunch House would like to offer schools the opportunity to transform their current tuck shops into a first of its kind, forward thinking, nutritional hub providing children with important opportunities to make healthier eating choices every day.  The school environment provides a vital context not only for children to learn about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles, but also for them to put knowledge into practice.  

If you are a school, looking to make the change to an independent offering, please get in touch and allow our team to take you through this process.

The introduction of change, even if it is change for the greater good, creates resistance in communities.  The change needs to happen.  Schools are busy.  We are looking for franchisees who can join the Lunch House journey and ensure the change to something better in South African schools.    

Get in touch!